adobe creative cloud: infographics

Infographics offer a "quick win" in eLearning by providing visually engaging and efficient ways to present information. Their visual appeal captures learners' attention, simplifying complex content through a combination of images and concise text. Infographics cater to different learning styles, particularly benefiting visual learners, and enhance information retention. They enable efficient communication, allowing key messages to be conveyed quickly and facilitating easy review.

With the ability to be interactive in Articulate Rise, infographics engage learners and contribute to a dynamic learning experience. Their mobile-friendly nature ensures a consistent learning experience across devices, and the ease of sharing makes them practical for collaborative learning environments. 

Please find below some of my recently-designed infographics.

Paragon skills: Level 2 Adult Care

Below, the five steps to a risk assessment. I presented this information in a landscape, process fashion to demonstrate the step-by-step procedure that needs to take place.

Below, the benefits of risk assessments being showcased for Adult Care Workers to aid with retention. The decision to convey this information in a visual format is deliberate, as the circular representation visually illustrates the interconnected nature of these factors, demonstrating their collective contribution to a comprehensive whole.

The next two are probably my favourite infographics for use on Articulate Rise as the 'Labelled Graphic' interaction markers fit perfectly in the circles on each graphic, creating a seamless interaction for users.

Below, another circular format to visually represent the interconnected nature of all types of well-being and their knock on effect. This infographic also allowed me to play with gradient fill, creating more depth to each disk.

Personal branding

Below, an infographic detailing the theoretical concepts which underpin the value in utilising infographics to display information.