My Values

My core value: I believe this allows me to create trust among my colleagues and learners. This becomes the foundation for effective collaboration, open communication, and the sharing of diverse perspectives. 

I truly value continuous growth both in my personal life and in my career. We've heard of the term 'lifelong learner' but it can sound exhausting; I prefer every day learner as I see opportunities to grow and develop in every day life, no matter how small they might be they often have great rewards! 

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I hold a deep appreciation for the finer details. While seemingly insignificant to some, they collectively contribute to something greater, reminding us that consistent effort and attention to detail yield excellence. 

My experience as an educator highlighted the value of learner feedback. This inspires me to adopt an innovative approach in adapting learning solutions to prioritise the needs and preferences of learners. This focus on learner-centred experience helps drive engagement and retention of knowledge.

About Me

A passionate mother, avid traveller, and adventurer at heart, my life is a vibrant mosaic crafted from family days out and a thirst for new adventures.

From joyful family days at Peppa Pig World to adrenaline-fuelled backpacking and skydiving, I embrace every opportunity to diversify, learn, and create cherished memories.