Articulate 360: eLearning content

articulate rise

Articulate Rise's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make content creation seamless, allowing me to focus on instructional design rather than grappling with complex software. The platform's responsive design ensures that the eLearning modules I create are accessible and visually appealing across various devices. Articulate Rise offers a range of interactive features and multimedia integration, enhancing learner engagement and comprehension. The ease of collaboration and the ability to track learner progress through integrated analytics further contribute to its appeal. With Articulate Rise, I can efficiently develop high-quality eLearning content that aligns with instructional objectives while providing a positive and interactive learning experience for my audience. 

Colleague Review:

Wow Annabelle this looks incredible, I LOVE the text messages interaction. And the human body interaction is amazing. 

Jen March - Head of Portfolio and Product

It's looks so good, you've put a lot of work into it. I love the interaction with the messages popping up. Works so well in this context.  

Lynsey Carragher - Digital Content Manager

SME Review:

The 'Laws to Local Support' video breaks down safeguarding really well. Learners will find this useful to gain a better understanding of legislation as it's been scripted with simple language that all learners will understand.

The 'Online Safety' Storyline interaction is really engaging and relates well to many services that I visit! This will engage the learners, being able to relate.

Kelly House - Personal Tutor, Adult Care

articulate storyline

Articulate Storyline offers a robust set of features that elevate the course development process. Its versatile slide-based approach allows for the creation of interactive and dynamic content, providing a high degree of customisation to meet specific instructional goals. With a powerful combination of triggers, variables, and states, Articulate Storyline enables the design of complex and scenario-based learning experiences. Additionally, the platform's compatibility with various eLearning standards ensures seamless integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS), facilitating easy deployment and tracking of learner progress. Articulate Storyline empowers instructional designers with a comprehensive toolkit, fostering the creation of engaging and impactful eLearning courses tailored to diverse learning needs. 

peer Review:

The single-scenario approach is great because it highlights that learning from multiple modules can be applied to a mots of situations.

Maybe I'm behind the curve but this is amazing work. I've tried to do something similar many times before and I've never been able to get it right.  

-Rax Gudka, Curriculum Developer