Reilly Denholm Edinburgh | Hair Transformation

You know the dilemma when you move to a new city and have to try and find a new hairdresser that just gets you? Well for the past couple of months since moving to Edinburgh that struggle has been real for me...
... until I discovered Reilly Denholm down in Leith.

There are several things which make this salon my new absolute fave;

1. It's dog friendly, so you can bring your dog along to to the salon with you or you can do what I did and get overly excited about all the other dogs there...

2. The staff, all the girls working at the salon while I was there were so chatty and friendly it honestly felt like you were with a group of friends, especially Danielle who did my hair.

3. Lat but not least my hair, it looks incredible while still being glossy and healthy despite how much lighter I went.
I usually go for a balayage, graduated blonde colour because I love having my hair lighter but I'm usually too broke or lazy to keep up with the maintenance that being an all over blonde requires. I also love an ashy blonde colour but more of a white blonde than a silver blonde as it compliments the yellow undertone in my complexion better. I explained this to Danielle and she immediately understood exactly what I wanted and got to work creating my dream hair.
Lovely Bruce watching the salon buzz...
I have very thick hair so I was in the salon for a good 3 hours + and the whole time I was able to talk to Danielle without any awkwardness, she explained exactly what she was doing with my hair and I felt completely relaxed and comfortable with her (and Bruce her beautiful dog!).
Enjoying the massage chair almost as much as me...
Even the wash and blow-dry was perfection, with a massage chair and even a head massage, if it wasn't for the two lattes I had while I was there I would definitely have drifted away! I must have looked pretty relaxed because one of the dogs came and nestled on my lap for a snooze which made the moment even more perfect - seriously it was like pet therapy, EVERY salon needs dogs.

Picture with no filter after two weeks, to show the accurate current colour
The final result is exactly the icy blonde perfection I wanted and put me a step closer to looking like I vaguely resemble Daenerys from Game of Thrones which is all  any girl could ever desire... I've even been able to maintain the ashy blonde look at home as Danielle kindly gave me some purple shampoo and conditioner which have kept my hair looking as good as the day I got it done (or as close as a non pro like myself can manage...).

Thank you so much to Reilly Denholm, especially Danielle for such an incredible experience. There is no other salon in Edinburgh I'd trust with colouring my hair now, so I'll be back very soon for more! Especially as my fave nail tech The Gelly Bar is just next door if I ever need a full day of pampering...

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