The Edinburgh Brunch Diaries

As the saying goes, Brunch is always a good idea... Especially when you live in Edinburgh, a city filled to the brim with the most delicious breakfast spots. From Eggs Benedict to Blueberry Waffles, this blog post covers some of my ultimate fave brunch spots since moving to Edinburgh, enjoy...
It's been a while since I last explored Haymarket, I think the last time was when I spent the Summer of 2016 Pokemon Go hunting so the less said about that the better... But recently I had Louisa up to stay from Glasgow and before she hopped back on the train home we decided to brunch, naturally. So Grams it was, we were pretty hungover and the healthy brunch menu promised sounded like the restorative food we needed to sort us out. I had protein pancakes, with bananas, blueberry compote, bacon and maple syrup and Louisa and Eilidh went for avocado on toast. The pancakes both looked and tasted incredible, they definitely fixed my hangover and the fresh strawberry juice was next level and the avo toast was so good Eilidh took her first ever insta food picture, impressive.

Salt Cafe
Nestled in the heart of Morningside amongst plenty of other wonderful independent restaurants and boutiques is the newly reopened Salt Cafe. I'd never visited the original but had been told it did a brilliant brunch so as soon as it reopened I knew I had to visit... I went for avocado sourdough with a side of bacon, because who can really say no to bacon at brunch? And Caroline went for a full breakfast. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our breakfasts and I couldn't recommend the avo sourdough enough, so creamy and flavourful (Carolines sausages also looked VERY good).

The Birchwood
Now this place could become a little dangerous for me as it's a two minute walk from my flat and does possibly the best waffles I've ever had in my life, it's important to not I've sampled a LOT of waffles in my time so this is heavy praise... The waffles were decadently packed with pecans, toffee sauce, praline and espresso mascarpone (I KNOW) and I don't think I've ever been so sad to finish a plate of food. I did need a hefty fresh berry smoothie to refresh myself afterwards, which was also delicious, and now I just need to go back and sample some more of their waffles (chia spiced apple flavour I have my eye on you...).

The Pantry
Stockbridge has to be one of my favourite areas in Edinburgh, filled with winding cobbled streets, quaint cafes and boutiques. The Pantry just happens to be my fave brunch spot when exploring there, with cosy rustic interiors and the best hearty poached eggs you'll find in the city. I spent New Years day brunching here with Beth and Hazel and we all went for smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce and we were all very satisfied. Although I'm not sure what made the visit complete, the Bulldog at the table beside us dressed in a reindeer suit or the delicious food? Either way, the perfect brunch to welcome in a New Year.

 The Ivy
If you really want a decadent brunch then this is your place, right in the city centre on St Andrews Square it's the perfect start to a day of shopping and it's home to the most aesthetically pleasing pancakes you'll ever see. I went for these very pancakes and they were so soft, fluffy and smothered in whipped cream, berries and raspberry coulis - a match made in heaven. Then to get the full berry effect I went for their berry smoothie which was also incredible, really nailed my five-a-day before 12pm that day...

Montpelliers Brasserie
A Bruntsfield institution when it comes to all thing brunch and booze, so I obviously had to sample both. I went for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on wholemeal toast with a Bloody Mary to wash everything down and as expected the whole thing was heavenly. We sat outside wrapped in cosy blankets surrounded by their Christmas exterior decorations, and people watched everyone ambling their way around Bruntsfield going about their Sunday business, perfect.

Thank You for Reading, let me know if you try any of my recommendations or have any new brunch spots to suggest...

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