Bite Beauty Lip Lab: Custom Lipstick Review

I think every make up obsessive has dreamed about creating their own make up collection, from day dreaming nail polish shades to conjuring up a fantasy eyeshadow palette. And I finally got to live a little slice of my fantasy, Kylie Jenner eat your heart out because I made one custom lipstick...
Wandering through the streets of SoHo on the way to the bite lip lab was a dream in itself, the lab is located in a gorgeous area of New York with tree lined streets and brown stone houses galore. As I approached the Bite lip lab I was greeted by a labrador puppy waiting outside (I'm sure this isn't part of their normal service!) and all the girls working and creating inside were OBSESSED with the little pup. This shaped the rest of the visit as everyone inside was discussing their own dogs and sharing pictures, doggos and make up what more could you want?!
My lipstick creator (is that what the jobs called?!) began by asking me which type of shade I wanted to create, I chose to create the perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone. I was then advised that a pinkish nude would best suit my skin undertones and hair colour so we set out to create the perfect pinky nude (I did read somewhere once that the perfect nude lipstick shade is the same colour as your nipple, but make of that what you will!).
I must have swatched a dozen lipsticks on myself before I found the perfect shade, seriously my lipstick creator (Im sure theres a proper name...) was so patient while I tried to decide what I liked best. After settling on the perfect shade I then had to choose a finish from luminous, matte and sheer, I went for matte as the Bite matte formula is still comfortable and is my fave lipstick finish for everyday. Next up I chose a scent, the options this time were Cherry, Mint, Mango, Coconut, Lime, Vanilla, Wild Berry and Violet and I found it faaaar too difficult to decide so mixed Coconut and Lime for a tropical scent which would be perfect for coming into summer, it smells divine!
After that the pigments and scented oil were mixed and poured into a mould before being left to set on a cold plate. While we waited for the lipstick to set I tried on even more lipstick shades and looked at pictures of the girl sat beside me's new bulldog puppy - dreamy.
After seeing my lipstick being popped into a tube and sealed in a special box, I settled the bill of $55 for one custom lipstick and headed back out into sunny SoHo and explore the day away...
Overall I'd highly recommend the custom lipstick experience at Bite Beauty, the team there are so lovely and welcoming and the whole process was really interesting and good fun. It is pretty pricy but if your a make up fanatic its an incredible experience that you wont forget!
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