New York Photo Diary

They say the third times a charm, and honestly every time I go to New York I fall in love a little bit more. From the towering sky scrapers and craze of yellow cabs to the calm of Central Park, theres nowhere else in the world quite like it.
As this was my third trip it was nice to do less touristy things, although I did still do the Top of The Rock - I'll never get tired of that view.

For this post I thought I'd try something a bit different and do more of a photo based blog post, partly because I prefer photos when reading other blogs and partly because after writing my dissertation I have a bit of a writing phobia!

After working on both my blog and with a part time job while in my final year at uni I was able to save enough for a couple of days in the Big Apple, which was a very welcome stress relief!

Day 1.
On Day 1 we arrived in New York at around 12pm which left us plenty of time to explore, the sun was shining and the city was lovely and warm with barely a cloud in the sky.

Our hotel was The Hudson Hotel, just off the corner of Central Park and had the most gorgeous decor and views - I would definitely recommend. There were two roof top bars, with hammocks and gorgeous views of the city scape as well as three bars and Unami Burger (seriously good food, especially the truffle fries).
We began with a stroll through Central Park and a row on the lake, which was an absolute pinch me moment honestly the views were incredible.
Then we wound down with a wander through Times Square at night.

Day 2.
We mostly spent the morning wandering around The Village, searching for the Friends and Carrie Bradshaws apartment and eating ice cream.
Next I headed to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Soho to create my own custom lipstick shade, more on that in my next blog post!
Then a wander across Brooklyn Bridge into DUMBO where there were some of the most incredible views, we then sat in the sun with a beer and florida orange juice to top up our tan - honestly the weather was incredible.
Next stop was Grand Central Station so I could stare at the beautiful ceiling while eating banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery, so so delish.
We wrapped up the day with massive slices of traditional New York pizza.

Day 3.
The weather was slightly less kind on day 3 with less sun and a splash of windy rain in the morning so we headed to the MET to look at the Heavenly Bodies exhibition (so stunning, highly recommend). Then the MOMA to look at Van Gough's Starry Night painting, I've waited four years to see it after going to the Van Gough museum in Amsterdam only to find they didn't have it (its my fave all time painting).
The weather cleared up and was sunny once again so we leapt at the chance to visit the Top of the Rock, with incredible views as far as the eye can see. We also saw a bride and groom getting their wedding pics which was so lovely.
Then for dinner we went to a super fancy steak house opposite the Rockefeller where they mixed up our order and we got $120 steaks with a side of lobster mac and cheese instead of the cheapest ones with potatoes we ordered (best restaurant mix up EVER).

Day 4.
Our final day! Which began with a huge brunch and another trip to Soho for a wander around all the beautiful boutiques and cast iron buildings. As well as stumbling across the Flatiron building.
A dip into Pietro Nolita for some hot chocolate in barbie pink surroundings and a quick pit stop at Sephora and Glossier for some make up.
Then a final stroll through Central Park to drink in the surroundings before our flight home.
Overall another magical New York trip, now to plan a fourth trip...

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