What I Eat in a Day

So VERY long time no post and the usual excuses as to why not; Deadlines, Work etc etc and one new one! I now have a YouTube Channel, so I've been putting a lot of effort into creating content over there and I'd love it if you could SUBSCRIBE.

Anyway on to the actual blogging, I decided to create another post on what I've been typically eating in a day lately. The day I've written about here is Feb 16th, aka Ronans Birthday, so the food is a little nicer than usual so I thought it would be nice to document.
I rarely have breakfast, sometimes I'll grab a bowl of porridge and chuck in some frozen berries if I'm not in a hurry but usually I'm running late so go hungry.
On this day I had a day at home doing Uni work so decided to have chocolate chip pancakes and Nutella to make the thought of a full day of Uni work more bearable so not a typical breakfast but sometimes you've just got to treat yourself - and these are damn good.

This has been my typical Lunch/Dinner for the past couple of weeks because it's so quick and easy to make but still tastes delicious and contains so many healthy ingredients. I had a very similar salad while I was in London at The Ivy so I can't take any credit, but this dish is definitely worth recreating.
First I tear up some lettuce and put it in a bowl, then sprinkle over some pomegranate seeds and a chopped avocado.
Next I fry a chicken breast with oil, lemon juice and Italian herbs until its fully cooked.
I then cut the chicken breast into smaller pieces and add them to the salad bowl, drizzling Caesar dressing over the bowl to.

This is by no means a typical dinner but as mentioned previously it was Ronans Birthday so I decided to try something a bit special. I'm a bit of a steak snob, and I tend to make a pretty mean steak so if you want any tips I've got you!
First I pop some thrice cooked chips from M&S in the oven, seriously the best chips ever.
Then I heat a knob of salted butter in a frying pan until its golden brown and bubbling - you need the pan to be really hot before adding the steak so that it gets a caramelised flavour and coating from the butter.
Next I add the Fillet Steaks, which I rub with rock salt and a touch of olive oil, to the pan. I tend to take the steak out the fridge about an hour before cooking so its room temperature before frying - I think I read somewhere this makes it less tough?
I add some chopped garlic, cracked black pepper and extra butter where needed to the pan to add an extra punch of flavour.
When the steak is cooked I move it to the plates to rest for a moment before serving and fry off two tomatoes with a bit of extra garlic in the pan, got to have some veg after all...
Then I heat some Diane sauce in a pan and serve it with the steak, I'm lazy and just but it from M&S because sauce is tricky and I tend to curdle it...
Then I add the tomatoes and chips and serve, (The pictures really don't do it justice...)

And thats it, If you'd like more food related posts let me know, and hopefully I'll be back on the blog again soon!
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