December Delights

So I've always been a bit conflicted about 'What I got for Christmas' posts and videos as they can seem a little boastful, but I also love to have a nosey at other peoples  and think they can be a lovely way to show appreciation for gifts.
So here we are with a little mash up of things I've loved in December from presents to experiences and everything in-between...
So first off one thing I hated this December was exam season, so as soon as I had my final hand in for the month I went to the cinema to relax and watch Jumanji. Genuinely one of the best films I've ever seen, it was genuinely hilarious and seriously helped to relive final year stress.
I've also been lusting over these double stack platform Vans for months upon months, they're pretty ideal when you're a small fry for giving an extra inch or two of height. So I was pretty thrilled when my Aunt gifted me them,  I can't wait to style them up in the New Year.
Next up I finally got my hands on a Diptique candle, a blogger staple and its so beautiful and completely special. My Uncle chose me the Baies scent - I know I'm very impressed by his choice to! It smells divine and even when its not burning it fills the whole room with the most beautiful wintery, berry scent.
My Mum also chose me the most amazing Ginzing eye cream from Origins, the only step I had missing from my skincare regime. It's such a beautiful cream which really helps to de-puff and soothe the eye area, I can't comment on whether it helps with dark circles as I've just started using it but I'll keep you updated.
I also received some beautiful books from my Aunt, a fellow book lover of everything from pristine pink coffee table tomes to the perfect murder mystery and so that was the mixture I got. First off was 'Power' a novel about women gaining absolute world power and second was 'Inside Vogue' the diary of editor Alexandra Shulman. Both sounds like really inspiring and interesting reads, so I can't wait to give them a flick.
Another beautiful, thoughtful present was this print from a friend I used to work with - an amazing reminder to look at each day.
From Ronan I got the most stunning pearl studded red bag from Kurt Geiger, I think he must've been tired of hearing me constantly lusting over it online and every time I came home from work... This bag is the most beautiful festive piece and it's going to look stunning as a pop of colour in an all black outfit.
Another gift which wasn't for me but for Storm which I loved was a little snowflake bandana and santa hat - so, so cute. He loves the bandana and I think it's going to be a new accessory for him, however he's not the biggest fan of the hat!

Overall Christmas has been a well needed break from the stress of final year of Uni and I've been so lucky to relax with my Mum and Storm as well as receiving some amazing gifts.

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