An Instagram Guide to London

Hi, it's your basic white girl Instagramer reporting for duty...
This post I thought I'd talk you through some of my fave Instagramable places to visit in London. I love exploring all of London's cute and quirky corners so thought this would be the perfect way to share some of my fave spots with you - heads up 90% of them are pink...
As most of these places cost I thought I'd also apply a pricing guide so you can figure out whether the pic is worth the price.

Restaurant Ours 
Possibly the most Instagram worthy restaurant in the world, I really don't think thats any word of a lie. I went here recently for my friend Amy's 21st and it was perfection from start to finish, the winding white corridor to the main restaurant, the trees inside strung with fairy lights, the perfect pink bathroom and finally the actual flower wall specifically for pictures. This place is pretty pricy but for a special 21st meal it was completely worth it, we all had an amazing meal and experience - we were even bought a bottle of Dom Perignon from a man at the bar which was pretty nice!

Peggy Porschen 
You've almost certainly seen this place pop up on your Instagram feed at some point, the most beautiful cake shop nestled in the heart of Chelsea - everything from the cake, to the coffee and the decor is pure, pink, perfection. The cake tastes delicious - despite being pricy at around £5 a cake they really do taste special. I've been a few times and my top picks are the Banoffee cupcake and the Lemon, raspberry and rose layer cake. They change the store decoration each season - pastel pumpkins, glistening garlands of baubles and tiny pink nests filled with speckled candy eggs. Completely worth the indulgence.

Bob Bob Ricard 
The home of the infamous 'Press for Champagne' button and the decadence of this restaurant doesn't end there. The whole place has a 20's theme with luxurious gold booths, monogrammed marble and rich red and blue accents. The food is divine, very rich both in taste and cost but once again the whole experience from start to finish is one of ultimate luxury.

Clerkenwell Grind 
One of the London Grind coffee shops dotted around Central, a fairly inexpensive place to pick up a good cup of coffee and a bite to eat.  All of the Grind locations from Soho to Covent Garden are stunning in their own right but the Clerkenwell branch is one step above with marble, neon signs and a beautiful luxe diner vibe.

MaĆ®tre Choux 
This patisserie in Kensington creates the most beautiful rainbow rows of eclairs, oozing with flavour and style. Not only do the eclairs taste delicious but the hot chocolate is divine to - a traditional rich, thick chocolate. Again the pastries are fairly expensive at around £5 each but act as the perfect sweet treat.

Coppa Club Igloos 
The winter cocktail hotspot in London, nestled in by Tower Bridge these Igloos provide an amazing view over the Thames. They are the most gorgeous cosy place to sit and relax - be sure to book an Igloo a good few months in advance though because they are INSANELY popular with good reason, the cocktails are delicious and well priced and the ambience is incredible.

Farm Girl 
A cute cafe surrounded by the rainbow houses of Notting Hill, a favorouite amongst the famous faces of London. The outside area is the most photogenic area to sit in, with pastel pink tables and whitewashed walls although it can be cold the patio heaters really do work to warm you up. The rose latte comes garnished with petals and other coffees come in all the shades of the rainbow. The avocado on toast is sprinkled with jewelled pomegranate and the food is served on the most gorgeous pastel speckled gloves.

Electric Cinema 
The most luxurious Edwardian cinema, with beds instead of seats where you can sip on a glass of champagne while lying back and relaxing. From the exterior to the interior everything is vintage chic, plus you'll sometimes find little vintage cars parked outside for the perfect old school insta snap. Aim to book a week in advance at least because the best beds tend to sell quick!

Cereal Killer Cafe 
A quirky cereal cafe in Shoreditch, squeezed in amongst the frizz of graffiti and pop up shops with the latest must have food trends. This place has an 80's bedroom kind of vibe, with cereal boxes lining every wall and beds for tabled its pretty amazing. However the cereal combinations here are endless - I want party rings drenched in strawberry milk for breakfast everyday!

Duck and Waffle
High above the sky scrapers and market stalls of Shoreditch you'll find this exquisite restaurant at the top of the Heron Tower - but you'll ride a glass elevator up 40 floors to get there! The most picturesque brunch spot where you'll find both traditional and edgy dishes (literally fried duck on waffles INSANE). The Insta element most definitely comes in when it comes to getting the Gherkin in the background of your pic - casual.

Covent Garden
One of my fave areas in London, rich with stunning architecture and history. Home to almost any beauty brand you can imagines stores, lots of cute boutique stores and L'aduree - all of which are insta worthy in their own right. The Market hall is stunningly decadent at Christmas time strung with great bushels of mistletoe, ginormous silver baubles and the biggest Christmas tree I've ever seen. 

Carnaby Street
Another mention for the most stunning, decadent Christmas decorations ever. Giant parrots glide above the winding streets of Carnaby as they are showered by glittering chunks of confetti shot from canons - I know, intense. The shops themselves are pretty Insta friendly to from the rainbow staircase in Monki to the blinged out Nasty Gal stores.

Notting Hill
Saved the best until last, and I'm definitely not biased just because I lived here for a while... The most stunning neighbourhood with rows perfect pastel houses, quaint cafes and boutiques. Every street you go down is likely to be home to your dream house from great pink palaces to adorable mews, theres a reason they filmed Notting Hill and Love Actually here...

Thanks for Reading!
Let me know if you liked this post and I'll do more Instagram guides for other cities...

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