LUSH Aberdeen Christmas Event

The countdown is on! Only 9 weeks until the most magical day of the year and if I wasn't excited enough before the Lush Christmas event at their Aberdeen store, I'm super excited now.

The night began with drinks and nibbles, all of which were vegan which was a really thoughtful touch and very in-keeping with their cruelty free, environmentally friendly vibe which I love. We then all gathered around the store and began to mingle which was really nice, I met Cat (www.thiscatspyjamas.co.uk) who studies Fashion Management as well and we spent the evening ambling around the various product demos and DIY's together.

First we had a look at some of the new perfumes, and as we were both fans of sugary sweet scents we were shown 'Amelie Mae' a beautiful floral, fruity scent with a hit of play doh bizarrely! But it smelt divine, definitely worth a smell when you next visit Lush.
Next up we made our own Butterbear bath bombs, I LOVE Butterbear, its such a lovely cocoa butter scent and leaves you skin beautifully smooth and soft after a bath so getting to make my own was an absolute dream.
Then we checked out some of the Lush make up, I'd never tried any of their make up before so I was very intrigued and it was here I found my favorouite Christmas product from Lush. Shades of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, it's labelled as a lip colour but the girl at Lush informed me she'd been using it as a highlight so I'll definitely be giving that a go. There are three shades a chunky glitter silver, a chunky glitter gold and a smooth glistening gold - perfect for any Christmas party looks.
After that we headed to explore some of the shower gels and body lotions,  Lush are trying a new concept this year of 'naked' products, with no packaging and in a solid form. The formulas have been made with less water and as such are a more condensed product which drench the skin in extra scent and moisture. The naked concept is also extremely eco friendly, and considering how much shower gel I go through I'm definitely up for being as eco friendly as possible with my plastic packaging usage.
Finally we rounded up the evening with the bath bombs and bath melts - my fave! I loved how colourful and creative the christmas bath products were this year, every year gets better and better. I loved the Snow Fairy jelly bomb, a sweet scented (everyone knows the legendary snow fairy scent) bath bomb which oozes a thick jelly layer into your bath tub on top of the water which is super nourishing for the skin.  I also loved how colourful the Luxury lush pudding bath bomb was, definitely an Instagram worthy bath bomb and Tree-D was another fave, a chocolate orange scented bath melt in a super cute tree shape.
At the end of the night we were all handed goody bags with products from the night so I thought I'd share a little haul of them with you -

Sugar Plum Fairy Lipscrub
The Lush lipscrubs are so nostalgic for me, they bring me back to being 14 and generously slathering this on my lips between classes at high school - such a great product for keeping your lips soft and smooth.
Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb
This bath bomb smells incredible, an intense peachy scent with a moisturising layer which helps soften the skin and leaves a lingering sweet scent.
Twilight naked shower gel
A gorgeous lavender scented product, the twilight scent is such a classic and perfect for an evening shower when you need to relax and unwind.
Snow Fairy body conditioner
My fave scent, and I loved the concept of this product a skin conditioner is used similarly to a hair conditioner after shower gel to leave the skin soft, smooth and smelling divine.
Bûche de Noël fresh cleanser
We saw this being made fresh in the store, so when you literally see the product being made you know its natural and fresh. Filled with all the Christmas classics - cranberries, clementines and brandy and flakes of gold leaf - I can't wait to give it a go.
Shades of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
A beautiful tricolour highlighter which melts into the skin definitely  my fave pick of the night!

A seriously big thank you to the staff at Lush Aberdeen for an amazing night, everyone was so bubbly and helpful and I'm always so blown away by how friendly and accommodating they are when I shop there.

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