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In January of this year I moved to London for three months to start an internship with Julien MacDonald.
It was possibly one of the best experiences I've had since studying Fashion Management and really helped to strengthen my desire to go into PR, predominantly high end fashion PR.
Backstage at the Julien MacDonald AW17 show
While interning at Julien MacDonald, I helped to interview other intern applicants as well as reading over CV's, so I've read a hell of a lot of CV's and understand pretty well what a fashion brand is looking for from applications. In this post I will give some tips I've gleaned from both myself and other people, on getting an internship as well as how to find accommodation in a new city.  

Applying for internships can be pretty daunting so I'd suggest starting with smaller local interning roles, whether it be helping a local business with their social media marketing or helping out at a charity fashion show. This really helps to start bulk out your CV and make you stand out against other applicants. On a similar wave length your CV should be interesting to look at when applying for internships in a creative industry - I used my blog logo on both my CV and cover letter to create a professional link between the two.

Blogging can also be a great way to enhance your CV however you need to ensure your using it effectively. Regularly updating it with relevant content and ensuring that content is of a high quality - because if you only have three of four posts scattered over a year, with bad grammar this can count against you and look unprofessional and unorganised. If you have any brand collaborations and stats on your reach add these to your CV for an extra boost.

Next make sure you know what kind of role you want an internship in, but be prepared to be flexible as some internships will require more experience than others. For example Visual Merchandising in somewhere like London is highly competitive and therefore some experience doing visual merchandising for a store beforehand is crucial same with something like styling, as its highly competitive try and get as much experience as possible before applying for a well known company. Try to have a couple of roles that interest you - at the end of the day if you don't enjoy interning in that role you won't make the mistake of getting a job in that industry when you graduate.

Fashion Workie is your best friend when applying to internships, although the majority are in London the odd few pop up in places like Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow. They have a huge variety of companies and roles so there will definitely be something to suit you.

My Desk
Whilst I was interning I met a girl from New York who shared with me a website which she used to get Internships in America, predominantly New York. She did say she had to pay to apply for some but always ended up getting the ones she paid to apply for - freefashioninternships.com.

However if you have a company you'd love to intern for its worth sending them an email along with your CV telling them why you'd love to intern with them - always worth a shot and can be surprisingly effective especially if your offering free help and expertise.

Most internships require an interview and a lot of these happen via Skype, its worth doing a test run with a family member or friend to ensure your microphone and camera quality work well otherwise it can look unprofessional. Make sure your dressed smartly and the background doesn't look messy.
Some internships however require an in person interview - I had to fly down to London the same day after getting an internship offer at Julien MacDonald.
The Julien MacDonald studio in Notting Hill
 If this is the case then its essential you dress smartly and try and wear something that matches the brand - for example in my Julien MacDonald interview I wore a heavily embroidered blouse with a sheer panel as it echoed his own designs If your interviewing for somewhere like Topshop try and wear some of their new season designs, every little helps...
As with any other interview make sure you know a lot about the company your applying to and that you really explain what benefit you'd bring to them as an intern. Elaborate further on previous experience and the relevant university modules.

If your moving to a new city for interning then you need to find accommodation, which is easier said than done when a room in central London will cost you on average £600 - £800 a month and your most likely not being paid to intern.
The best places to look are Spare Room, Airbnb and Gumtree, but always visit the place before paying any money as there are a lot of renting scams especially in London. Finding somewhere near a tube station is also very handy in London so keep that in mind.
If your lucky enough to have family of friends in London then they are your best bet to stay with as rent will probably be a lot cheaper or non existant.
The street I lived on for three months
I hope you found some interesting information in this post, I shall be writing one soon on how to bring the best to your internship and how to succeed as much as possible in what can be a very intimidating environment. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me either in the comments below or via social media.

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