Excuse my French but I'm in France...

So I'm pretty sure I have the best boyfriend ever... I know, I know I'm being soppy but I really don't think anything will ever top being taken to Paris for a whirlwind 21st birthday weekend, dreamy. The cherry on top was knowing how hard he worked to be able to take me, working all the extra shifts he could and using the cheque from his latest acting performance - no help from anyone at all which is so completely amazing I really don't know many other people that caring and selfless.
So it was supposed to be a surprise but me being me needing to plan outfits and things to visit I managed to negotiate the secret trip information from Ro, and I couldn't have been happier as Paris is the most stunning, romantic city filled with so much to see and do. 

We spent three days in Paris in total and stayed at The Grand Hotel Français, and travelled to Paris using the Eurostar. Ronan has told me he discovered the trip on Secret Escapes, which is a luxury package holiday site where they hand pick hotels and destinations. The hotel was beautiful, with the most lovely friendly staff especially the concierge who helped us find so many places and booked our trip to Disneyland as well. The Eurostar was good except from the baby in in our carriage that wouldn't stop crying on the way home - and after all that exploring I needed my sleep!
The first day we arrived fairly early and after checking in and freshening up we went for a stroll along the Champs Ellyses, which was particularly poignant as in one of the letters I'd sent Ronan while I've been staying in London (yes we write each other weekly letters - theres just something about putting pen to paper!) I had written how one day it was my dream to hold his hand and walk down the Champs Ellyses with him, because is there really any street more romantic? We wandered into a few shops and I ended picking up a few skincare bits in Sephora - oops!

Next up we arrived at the Arch D'Triumph and I was completely amazed by the sheer scale of it, and all of the intricate stone work. Climbing the Arc D'Triumph is free when your an EU citizen aged between 18 - 24 if you show ID. So we took full advantage of this and climbed to the very top, and took far too many selfies while enjoying the insane panoramic views over Paris - the weather was so clear and sunny so we could see for miles .

After this we headed to the Eiffel Tower, which takes my breath away every time - you really can see the beautiful iron structure from almost every street in Paris, its completely iconic and utterly striking. We took a few pics by it (duh) and then sat in the gardens below and shared a lemon and sugar crepe while enjoying the sun. When we walked away from the Eiffel Tower there were a large group of Muslims protesting against terrorist extremism and ISIS which felt very poignant due to recent events in both Paris and London.
We went back to the hotel and chilled before getting ready for a night in Montmatre, Ronans favorouite place in Paris. Its filled with winding streets and beautiful classic Parisian restaurants and Cafes as well as street artists, bakeries and patisseries - you can tell who the romantic in the relationship is! We went to Le Basilic (honestly I remembered the name because it reminds me of the Basilisc in Harry Potter...) But on top of that the food was stunning, I've never tasted a more beautiful Onion Soup, the perfect mixture of sweet and salty and threaded with strong, creamy cheese, then I demolished a beautifully cooked rare steak with sautéed vegetables and all washed down with the most beautiful glass of Champagne - when in France! (you can tell the food was amazing because I didn't even wait to take a photo before eating it...)

Next up was the best day, DISNEY DAY! And OMG I don't remember Disney being so expensive from the tickets to the food everything was extortionate! But it was so so worth it in the end, even Ronan who Disney even like Disney (catch the joke?!) loved it, even though he might not admit it to anyone else.

My fave rollercoaster ever is at Disney - Thunder Mountain, and its probably the only thing I'd queue for TWO WHOLE HOURS for because its so so worth it, both the actual ride and the detail and design effort put into making the ride look like an actual movie set - insane. We also did a few other Disney classics, the picture in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, the teacup ride and watching the epic evening parade (we may have even got a cringey ride picture!). There really is nothing like Disney to make you feel like a big kid, its such a dreamland and it really is impossible to be sad there.

When we returned from Disney we went for a stroll around Montmatre at night as it has the most spectacular views over Paris with the Eiffel tower twinkling and sparkling, as well as all the street lamps glowing and lighting up the streets below like a great tangle of fairy lights. I think Ronan had hoped the winding romantic street and spectacular views would be romantic but after 11 hours on my feet at Disney climbing up a very large hill and wandering the the cold night wasn't exactly idyllic and did end in a bit of an argument - got to keep my account of this trip authentic! However you cant stay mad at each other in the city of love and before long we were hand in hand again.

The last day we decided to see Montmatre in day light and it was so worth it, if you want to see a quaint, picturesque version of Paris then this is your spot. We wandered around the streets going into various shops and exploring - I may have had a couple of Macarons... and I may have bought a little red beret also I got a tacky eiffel tower key ring! SUCH A TOURIST.

After exploring almost every street and side street in Montmatre we headed to the Sacre Coeur, which was absolutely stunning - theres something very special about sitting in complete silence in such a holy place. On the walk down from the Sacre coeur Ronan was called a small man by a looky looky man and it was brilliant - he was 100% triggered but kept his cool and stomped away.

Our final adventure in Paris took us on a stroll along the River Seine to the famous love lock bridge, where we got a little pink lock and picked the perfect spot to lock it on before throwing the keys into the river and sealing our fate - good luck breaking up with me now sucker!
Then we got back on the Eurostar and travelled back to our little Notting Hill flat - coming back from holidays isn't even that sad when your returning to the most beautiful area in London.

Next post will be a lookbook on all the outfits I wore in Paris so look out for that!

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. Aww that is so cute he surprised you! Looks like you had an amazing time, I love your red dress!

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