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Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen as a 'Coconut Queen' ambassador for Coconut Lane London, an online store that launched in 2015 selling super sassy, cute accessories and homeware. Anyone who reads my blog knows how obsessed I am with marble print, and these guys have nailed the marble trend, so I cant wait to share my top picks with you as well as an amazing 20% discount code that works all year round.

Discount Code - annabellerose20

The Marble Phone Case

A phone case staple in my opinion, whether in black or white they act as the perfect way to add sophistication to your look, simple yet effortlessly chic.

The Marble Laptop Case

Similarly to the phone cases, an easy way to make your work desk look instantly more trendy and classy - whilst protecting your macbook (which lets face it is essential - ain't nobody got time for apple repair costs...) Fun fact - when I started working at Julien MacDonald the CEO was so taken with my marble laptop case he asked me to email him over a link ASAP, so if its good enough for the CEO of a major fashion company...

Colourful Marble Phone Case

I love these cases, definitely an amazing case for summer - think how amazing the blues, and greens of this case would look next to the ocean as you sunbathe or how cute the pink case will look when your recording your fave acts at a festival this summer.

The Selfie Case 

Another product I'm definitely eying up, imagine never having to deal with the search for perfect lighting again when taking a selfie, that stress is real. With this case your skin instantly looks more flawless and glowing - plus the bulkiness of the case offers extra protection against damage from dropping - ideal if your clumsy like me... And it comes in SO many colours, so you can match it to any outfit. Plus theses Coconut Lane ones are such a good price in comparisson to other brands, and it works just as well.

Laptop Skins

URGH these designs! Anyone who knows me really well knows my fave painting of all time is 'Starry Night' by VanGogh and this skin reminds me of it so much - stunning. The holographic skin is just ultimate white girl, I love the colours and style of this one as its so simple yet striking, definitely one to perk you up on a dull studying day.

Wall Art

I love wall art, especially as a student because it can turn any room in halls or bare room you live in into something that feels just a bit more you, and they're a really affordable way to make your room look effortlessly chic.


I adore the jewellery at Coconut Lane, its all very marble-centric or very boho and summer inspired which I adore - and its so inexpensive (especially when you add my discount code on top!).


I am a stationary junkie, I get so so weirdly excited about buying new notebooks for Uni - so these super cute coconut lane ones will be ideal when I start 4th year later on this year. I love this Instagram one - I 100% relate and I know quite a few friends who would agree with me there! 

I really hope you can see from the selection I've chosen for this post that Coconut Lane really is a store that reflects both my blog style and personal tastes - hence why I'm so over the moon to be working with them and using their products. 

Happy Shopping, and thanks again for all your support - I wouldn't get opportunities like these if you guys didn't read my blog!

Thanks for Reading,

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