It must be love..

February 14th, the day which polarises the world - romantic or cynic it's right around the corner and as a romantic myself I thought I'd write up some tips and tricks...

So whether your a clueless guy, or a fellow romantic like myself, enjoy...

Bra - Agent Provocateur, Bag - Olivia Miller, Nail Polish - YSL

  The Meal

With the meal there are typically three options.

The Netflix and Chill

The most simple option, and very student friendly. Order a pizza, indian, chinese whichever floats your boat, make a pillow fort (that parts optional but, c'mon) and snuggle up while you eat and watch in complete comfort. NB this is a totally acceptable option for singles on v-day.

The Wine and Dine

The whole shabang, whether it be pizza express or a michelin starred feast going out for a meal, dressing up it's an experience and helps make Valentines even more special. Try somewhere you've not been before or an independent restaurant to make it even more unique, also ending the night with cocktails never hurt anybody...

Made With Love

For the more adventurous, cooking something yourself and going the extra mile always shows your other half you care - what shows dedication more than sweating over a hot stove for a few hours stressing over whether the chicken is thoroughly cooked?! why the potatoes are burnt?! and why are the veggies too soft?! A safe choice is steak, chips and veg and a bottle of something alcoholic (don't forget the peeppercorn sauce).

The Gift

(Girls look away this bit is for the guys)

Flowers, chocolates, lingerie?! I'm here to help you decode guys...


The Unlined Uplift Bra - Victoria's Secret

Lingerie, every girl loves a beautiful matching set of underwear, and lets be honest you do to. The world of lingerie is pretty daunting for a guy, I'd stick to an online site if you want to save the embarrassment of going in store... If you need to know sizes, trust me bra sizing is seriously complicated, take a peak at the label inside her bra and it will tell you. NB don't go rummaging through her underwear draws if you've just met her because she WILL think you're a creep... Boux Avenue (use HAZEL20 for 20% off here), LaSenza and ASOS are all great places to look. Another tip is to stick similar to what she usually buys, don't get her neon pink if she usually wears pastel shades, don't get her a thong if she's always wearing briefs etc etc (I know, we're so difficult...).


Roses are key, red or pink symbolise love so go for those - I'm pretty sure white is mean for sick people and funerals so seriously stick with the romantic colours on this one... Supermarkets have a good selection but if you really want to WOW use a delivery service like Interflora, although its pricy the flowers will last longer and make more of an impact.


Valentines Day selection from Cocoa Black Peebles, available via cocoablack.co.uk 

Chocolate is a massive weakness for most girls, and guys who am I kidding, a selection box from somewhere like Hotel Chocolat or some Ferrero Rochers are always bound to go down a treat. Plus you can totally steal a few to... You can also get personalised chocolate from Thorntons so it may be worth checking them out for something a bit more personal.

This Chanel bag is v dreamy
Of course if you know your girl really well then something personal and chosen with them in mind will always go down well, often those are the best gifts so think outside the box.

The Gift

(Guys look away this bit is for the girls)

Why are guys so impossible to buy presents for?! With the help of some guy friends and clever marketing emails that seem to land in my inbox from companies at this time of year, I've got your back.

Experience Days

There are so many to choose from, if your man can drive then a super car experience day is always an exhilarating option. If he likes gin then the Ginstitute in Notting Hill offers a gin tasting day with the chance to create your own blend, plus who doesn't like a day out getting a bit tipsy... Look around your area for similar local activities, for example Brewdog Castlegate is offering a beer tasting afternoon on Valentines - dreamy.


This one requires a liiiitle bit of forward planning or scouring ebay in an attempt to find tickets for his fave band or musician, plus if its in a different city from you it can be turned into a cute weekend away, who doesn't love to relax in a hotel?!

Calvin Klein

We all secretly wish we were dating David Beckham a little bit, well I know I definitely have... So to get your boyf one step closer to being Becks get him Calvins, lets face it they look pretty good on anyone, and will look just as good off...


Your chance to get your guy to smell amazing, although if theres a scent he already uses it may be best to stick with that, or something with similar notes (most people in perfume stores will be able to advise you of similar scents). Boots are also offering an engraving service at the moment on cologne and perfume to make your gift even more special.

Thanks for Reading,

Happy V Day!

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