Lush Halloween Haul

Bubble, Bubble Toil and Trouble...
October is here and with it are the Lush Halloween products, and I can't wait to try them.
Boo Bath Melt
So damn cute. Seriously though look at those little eyes! I think I'm actually going to feel cruel melting him. He has a beautiful citrus scent and is enriched with cocoa butter so make your skin super smooth - which is always helpful when you live in the windy city so your skin is always crying out for moisture...
Sparkly Pumpkin
It's a glittery pumpkin, need I say more? This leaves you coated in glitter after your bath and makes the most beautiful bath water. The bubble bar is pretty big so you can get at least two baths from it which is always a bonus! It has a lovely fresh lime and grapefruit smell which is super refreshing for this time of year.
I love anything cinnamon scented so I had to get this, it's so comforting and makes for a dreamy bath time treat. The orange bathbomb fizzes up your bath water and colours it orange giving it that real spooky cauldron vibe.

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Whats your fave Lush product?

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