DIY Marble Print Desk

Just when I think I can't get any more basic, this idea popped into my head... While surfin' da net I found a 2m x 76cm marble sticker and before I had any idea what I'd actually do with it, I'd bought it... 
After having it laying about my room for a week I realised it was the same size as my new IKEA desk, do you see where I'm going with this? So get ready for the most simple DIY ever (seriously anything too complex I would mess up so anyone can do this!)

What you'll need;
1 Desk (I have the IKEA MICKE desk)
1 pin
A scraper (I just used a ruler) 
Step 1. 
Wipe down the desk so theres no dust (or biscuit crumbs in my case) then let it dry.
Step 2. 
Measure out the size of the sticker to fit the desk, the grid on the back of the sticker should help with this. Cut to size. Then gradually peel away backing and apply to desk smoothing with the ruler as you go.
Step 3
If there are any bubbles then pop them with the pin and smooth out the bubble (the pin prick is barely noticeable). 

C'est Finit! 
(told you it was super simple) 
Thanks for Reading,

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