A postcard from Kalkan

Okay so like a typical broke student I returned home for summer with a huge overdraft and was faced with a summer of full time work (big shoutout to Cocoa Black for taking me back!). The light at the end of this busy summer was the family holiday to Kalkan, my Mum's fave holiday destination ever - seriously she prefers it to Barbados so I knew it must be a pretty special place and it didn't disappoint. 

The Villa
We stayed in the most beautiful villa ever, Villa Aurelia. A 20 minute walk out of the main town and built into the cliff with panoramic views of the sea - breathtaking. We booked through Ilios Travel who were really helpful and showed us other villas while we were out there (because Mum is already planning her next trip out there...)

The Restaurants
One of the best parts about Kalkan is the AMAZING choice of Restaurants there are hundreds to choose from. The food was all beautiful quality and cooked fresh, especially the seafood which was caught daily. Some of the best restaurants we visited were; Salonika, a beautiful seafood restaurant with tables laid out on the cobbled streets, Baharat, a restaurant with a mixture of traditional turkish cusine and modern dishes and Celik where the bartender was so lovely that when he overheard me saying I wanted to try a drink he bought it over for free, they had lovely food to.
The Bars
Kalkan has the most amazing array of cocktail bars but we definitely had our two faves that we chopped and changed between. The first was Botanik which was a woodland cocktail bar with hammocks strung between trees and tables suspended in tree houses - I've never seen a more beautiful and unique bar. All the drinks were beautiful especially the Peach Daquiri which they make with homemade syrups and they keep you well topped up with popcorn to, plus the waiters and waitresses couldn't have been nicer. Next up was Black and Gold bar which specialised in making their cocktails look amazing, seriously every cocktail I saw was a small work of art they even did cocktail classes for tourists which I wish I'd gone on.
The Boat Trip 
For my parents birthday I treated us all to a boat trip all around the local islands. There were so many boats to choose from but we got such a lovely crew who were a young couple who were recently married and the wife cooked the most amazing feast for us with chocolate cake to DIE for. The islands were all beautiful and the sea was beautiful clear and warm to swim around in. The trip was such great value for money and I seriously wish we'd gone earlier in the holiday as I'm certain we'd have gone again if we had!

Overall I owe a huge Thanks to Mum and Dad for allowing me to scrounge off them for this holiday as I had the most amazing time! I highly recommend Kalkan for anyone who wants a beautiful relaxing holiday with amazing food. Let me know your fave holiday destination below.

Thanks for Reading,
Annabelle X

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