What I Eat in a Day #2

I thought I'd do another What I Eat in a Day post as my previous one proved pretty popular. I'm currently trying to eat a little healthier but I don't want to lose the flavour from my foods, so everything is packed with flavour.

Banana Pancakes with Streaky Bacon
I'm not going to lie, I saw my friend Courtney making these and then I craved them so badly, so decided to whip up a batch. I used this recipe but decided to add streaky bacon to add a little saltiness and a swirl of maple syrup because it improves everything.Fact.

Bagels with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese and Avocado and Cherry Tomato
Bagels should be renamed BAEgels because they are so much better than bread or rolls, these ones in particular are both so delicious and very filling to tide you over until dinner. For the smoked salmon one lightly toast the bagel, slather it with cream cheese, add smoked salmon and then top with cracked black pepper and a squeeze of lemon. For the avocado one, mash an avocado in a bowl with salt, white pepper and lemon juice then spoon on top of the toasted bagel and then pop on your sliced cherry tomatoes.

Caesar Salad
This literally takes 5 mins to chuck together, such an easy and quick meal that tastes amazing and is pretty good for you. First off open a bag of lettuce leaves and arrange them on a plate, then add chopped red pepper and sweetcorn. In a frying pan cook a chicken breast using Maggi Italian herb seasoning and chuck some pancetta in to crispen up. Add to the salad and drizzle with your choice of dressing, Caesar and ranch are my faves.  

Raspberry Lemonade
Pour a can of Lemon SanPelligrino into a glass, add raspberries and mix them, add sliced lemon and finally decorate with jazzy straws - seriously refreshing.

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Annabelle X 

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