What I Eat in a Day (Vegan options)

In recent weeks I've taken a conscious effort to eat healthier and exercise more because I am one of the worst culprits for chucking a ready meal in the oven or ordering a pizza and not thinking about what I put in my body.  Recently I've been cutting out a lot of animal products in an effort to help my own health and to contribute less to the cruelty of animals, all these recipes can be made Vegan by not using ingredients highlighted in red

Breakfast :
 Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl
Blend mixed frozen berries with fresh kiwi and orange juice to a slightly thicker smoothie consistency, add ice if you want your bowl to be extra refreshing.
Add your desired toppings I like fresh berries, chia seeds and flaked almonds - nuts and chia seeds are a great source of energy to help tide you over to lunchtime.
Lunch : 
Carrot and Coriander soup
I was super lazy and just bought this from Tesco - top tip - instead of eating with a normal crusty roll, dip in garlic bread. INSANE. 
Snacks : 
Carrot Sticks and Houmous
I love this as a snack, its so filling and really helps to satisfy that craving for salty foods you can get between meals, without having something super unhealthy.
Smoothie :
I love a refreshing Smoothie throughout the day, I always have frozen berries stashed in the freezer and I tend to blitz those up in my smoothie maker with some fruit juice (not the from concentrate rubbish) and whatever fresh fruit I have in the fruit bowl, which tends to be bananas, kiwis and oranges. Here I've lined the glass with some chopped kiwi to be a bit of a show off and make my smoothie more Instagram worthy and Ive topped it with whole blueberries and cacao nibs ... Super simple yet effective.
Fruit :
I love berries to snack on, they help stop me craving unhealthy sugary snacks - Raspberries are bae.
Stoats White Chocolate and Hazelnut bars :
I like to keep one of these in my bag incase I get hungry on the go as it has nuts in which are good for filling you up and are a great source of energy plus they taste AMAZING. 
Dinner :
Courgetti with Tomato, Butterbean and Garlic
If you have your own spiralizer then spiralize two courgettes if not you can buy pre-spiralized courgettes from Tesco. Stir fry in a pan with garlic, soy sauce and coconut oil then add salt and pepper to taste. Then add your protein so either meat such as Chicken or Butterbeans and other beans and pulses, Kidney beans and Chickpeas are great sources of protein. Then add a tomato ragu - any will do.
Thanks for Reading,
Annabelle X

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  1. Why did I read this late a night, I'm starving now! Definitely going to give the last recipe a try, looks so good :) xx