Lazy Girls guide to a Summer Body

So Summer is fast approaching and as ever theres the overhanging pressure of making sure you look perfectly toned and slim by the poolside - shit. 
I am the worst at dieting and exercising, I spend more time making a Spotify playlist to run to than I do actually running, and more time taking pics in my gym gear and making sure its fashionable than I do squatting or doing sit ups. Ask anyone I'm friends with and they will agree when I tell you I can eat for England, if you were to enter me in an eating contest I would place preeeetty well. So here is my guide to losing weight ad toning up for Summer in the laziest way possible. *This works for me but everyone is different, I have no dietetics qualification, hell I didn't even do Standard Grade Biology - just what works for me.
1. Simple non time consuming exercises.
Sometimes I'll be standing at work with no customers or in front of the oven desperately waiting for my oven chips to hurry up and cook and I will spend that time popping some squats, doing star jumps or step ups, pretty easy and a better use of time than standing still. A super fun game is seeing how many squats you can do before the microwave timer pings...
2. Eat Less Crap
So, so simple. Substitute foods like cows milk which is loaded with hormones and fat for almond or soya milk - in my opinion it tastes better and its much healthier for you. Swap snacks like crisps and chocolate for fruits or carrots and hummus - who doesn't like berries, mangos etc when its summer time?! Avoid processed foods and ready meals as they contain so much sodium and other nasties, cooking from scratch may take longer but you know exactly whats going in your body and I always feel kinda proud after putting together a meal from scratch, one of my faves which is pretty quick and simple is chicken breast coated with an Italian herb crust, mixed vegetables and lightly spiced fried peppers - I use coconut oil to cook with as its far healthier.
3. Choose Walking
I am one of the worst people for taking a bus or a taxi somewhere thats walkable, try and walk more and not only is it cheaper it saves so much money and with the right playlist walking can be great. Also recently I've been taking the stairs instead of the escalator or lift so simple and its usually quicker... I also try and walk for at least an hour everyday, it takes me an hour to walk to work and back and then its about a half an hour round trip walking to the supermarket and back. P.S. shopping bags totally count as weight lifting FYI.
4. At Home Exercise
Sometimes the idea of a gym can be daunting, to pricy or you just don't have the time so use YouTube channels like Blogilates or apps to do simple at home exercises. No embarrassment or cost but helps you get in shape. Even lifting tins of soup or bags of vegetables while doing squats or leg dips can help give your body more of an all over work out.
5. Drink More Water
Not only does it make you skin clearer and more healthy looking, it also helps to fill you up so you eat less, and keeps your digestive system working well so that everything moves through your system easier and quicker (TMI!?).
Believe it or not I ate a bacon sandwich and Nutella cookie 15 mins before I took this pic
Now go forth and take cute Instagrams in your bikinis and have a 10/10 Summer, I have a summer swimsuit post coming up preeetty soon with some of my fave swimwear of the moment featured.
Thank You For Reading,
Annabelle X

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