How to - The Perfect Red Lip

The red lip is a timeless classic, and I'm a true believer that every girl should have a red lippy in their make up bag. My first ever red lipstick cost £1 from MUA but it faded and smudged so so easily so I decided to upgrade, now MAC and Kylie Cosmetics are my go to for a red lip look.
I always try to line my lips when wearing a red lipstick, as it helps the lipstick to stay in place longer and wear off more evenly as well as keeping the lips looking neater and making the lips look more plump and juicy. The Kylie lip kit comes with a lipliner whereas with a MAC lipstick my go to liner is MAC Cherry liner. Both have a matte finish and so can be quite drying so I usually apply a lip balm first to stop any cracking, but the matte finish helps the lipstick last longer and in my opinion looks better.
Mary Jo K lipliner and liquid lipstick swatches
Kylie Cosmetics 'Mary Jo' liquid lipstick
Blue toned red lipsticks are my holy grail when it comes to rockin' red as they keep your teeth looking white, whereas orange or yellow toned reds can make your teeth come off slightly yellowish. To keep my teeth sparkling white I use Crest whitening strips, as they really are the best accessory to the perfect red lip.

Thanks for reading, what's your go-to red lip? 
Annabelle X

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