Battle of the Concealers - MAC, NARS and Collection

One of the most important steps in my beauty routine has always been concealing, from bring a young teen covering spotty skin (heck, I'm still covering the occasional spot now!) to a student desperately attempting to cover up under eye circles from late nights. But finding the perfect concealer can be tough so I thought I would test some of the most hyped concealers by beauty bloggers and see which comes out on top!

MAC Pro Longwear - Shade NC20
Staying power - 5/5
Colour Range - 5/5
Price - 2/5
Packaging - 2/5
Overall - 4.5/5
I've bought this concealer three times now, its amazing. The formula is waterproof which means it doesn't slide off if you get sweaty, or teary or have extremely oily skin like I do! This concealer works amazingly for under eye circles, blemishes and contouring because its such high coverage. Its pretty pricy but does last a good few months as opposed to the Collection concealer which lasts for a month or two so you get what you pay for. One of my only issues with this product is the packaging - its glass so if you drop it on a hard floor then theres glass and concealer everywhere - as well as £17.50 wasted, not ideal, as well as this the applicator is a pump and if your not carful then its very easy to pump out way to much which can waste a lot of product. The colour range at MAC is huge so your guaranteed to find the perfect shade, give it a go you wont be disappointed!

NARS Radient Creamy 
- Shade Vanilla
Staying power - 5/5
Colour Range - 4/5
Price - 1/5
Packaging - 4/5
Overall - 3.5/5
This is the most recent concealer I've purchased and so far I'm a fan! I got a shade lighter than my skin tone so I could use the concealer for highlighting my face as it has a lovely glowy finish, and it does a brilliant job. The packaging is wonderful as the applicator always has just the right amount so that your not wasting any product. The concealer works wonderfully at camouflaging both blemishes and under eye circles brilliantly and has a very good coverage, slightly less full on than the MAC one but only just. The main downside of this product is the eye watering price, however my friend Sarah assures me that her NARS concealer has laster her for ages and ages so lets keep our fingers crossed.

Collection Lasting Perfection 
- Shade 01 Fair
Staying power - 3/5
Colour Range - 1/5
Price - 5/5
Packaging - 4/5 
Overall - 3/5
This was the first concealer I ever bought when I first began wearing make up after hearing rave reviews from various bloggers and I've been using it on and off since, usually when my budget doest stretch to allow me to buy MAC or NARS. It's a very good concealer for the price point, however I find that its very drying when used to conceal under eye circles, although works wonderfully on blemishes. The concealer stays pretty well, but isn't as long wearing as the other two. The claim of 16 hours wear is definitely wrong, as I find when wearing it if i dont retouch with powder it tends to slide all over my face.

And the winner is... Mac Pro Longwear!
You just cant beat the staying power, colour range and high pigmentation of this product. It does everything you would want from a concealer and it does it brilliantly!

Thanks for Reading,
Annabelle X

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