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Yesterday I had the pleasure of a trip to the new cat cafe in Aberdeen, The Cat in the Window Cafe. I've heard of similar concepts to this before and have always wanted to visit a cat cafe because why would you not want to eat delicious cake while playing with adorable cats?!
Ryans' face of wonder as he sees ALL the cats
The cafe is a perfect way to relieve uni stress and if you miss you pets at home it's a great way to tide yourself over with cuddles in between trips home.
Making friends...
Baby Dragon having an afternoon nap
The cats could not be happier, with their own space to run around and plenty of toys, places to climb and the opportunity to go to a quiet room if they start to feel stressed or want some quiet/food. You can really tell how well looked after they are by the owner and the other workers at the cafe. Before going in to the cafe visitors are given rules on how they are around the cats to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.
Now on to the actual cafe part! I had a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and it was delicious! They even come with little covers to stop the cats from getting any hair in your drink or trying to take some for themselves! Theres a lovely selection of cakes available - even gluten free which is pretty impressive, I'll definitely try one when I go back and SAAS isn't running so low!
Cat proofed hot chocolate
If you want a bit more of a lively visit then I'd suggest going earlier in the day when the cats are more awake and ready to play as they start to get a little sleepy in the afternoon - but it all depends on what type of visit you'd prefer.
Theodore starting to get sleepy
Overall this cafe has been put together brilliantly, from the cat proofed interior - which by the way is lovely, furry beanbags, sofas and even a cocoon chair hung from the ceiling - to the food, drink and overall thought put into the cats enjoyment and welfare. I would highly recommend a visit to any animal lover.

Check out their website here to book a space for a visit - http://www.thecatinthewindowcafe.com

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