My MAC lipstick collection

Anyone who knows me, will know I have an unhealthy obsession with MAC lipsticks... As such over the years I've built up a pretty strong collection which I thought I'd share on my blog. The artist in me loves the vast range and depth of colours available which is probably the main fuel behind my addiction...
*deep breath* 
Here we go...
Viva Glam Nicki, Girl About Town, Chatterbox, Only You, Creme Cup, Royal Ball

Viva Glam Nicki
A super, super vibrant neon pink shade which I hardly ever wear. This is one of my least favorouite lipsticks its very chalky in finish and doesn't really suit my complexion so it doesn't get much love in my collection.
Girl About Town
I love this shade its a deeper pink with a lovely creamy finish, it has a very brightening effect when worn it was one of the lipsticks that helped me transition into wearing darker lipsticks.
I was gifted this lipstick a few years ago and it's a lovely mid pink everyday shade which is very creamy and glides beautifully on the lips.
Only You
Another lovely everyday nudeish pink shade, the cremesheen finish gives the lips a beautiful your lips but better look.
Creme Cup
This was my first ever MAC lipstick, I have repurchased it again since as someone took my first one and didn't return it (grr). Its a lovely natural pink shade, that I personally love to wear with Whirl lipliner as it can be a little too pale on me.
Royal Ball
The Cinderella collection lipsticks were a must have for me the finish of this is a lustre and is a bit too light on its own so i usually use it in the centre of my lips as a highlight. The packaging is beautiful and I love having it in my collection.

Relentlessly Red, Russian Red, Diva

Relentlessly Red
My Dad actually chose this lipstick for me, and I love it! It's not the kind of shade I'd usually go for so I'm glad he got me it because its the most beautiful matte, vibrant reddish pink which is a beautiful statement shade to wear.
Russian Red
My go to red shade, its a blue toned red so it makes your teeth look really white which is flattering. Its slightly darker than a true red and I usually pair it with MAC cherry lip liner to give a more defined look.
I love this shade, as soon as autumn/winter roll around I get this lipstick out, its the most beautiful vampy reddish, purple shade. I usually wear this with a burgundy shade lipliner to help it last loner on the lips and make sure my lips look defined.

Patisserie, Honeylove, Free as a Butterfly

This lipstick is a re-purchase, its my go to everyday nude I adore it. The finish is a lustre which means the lipstick is pretty sheer on the lips and not such a full on colour which means its super easy to chuck on the lips without using a mirror (which is perfect when I'm running late for uni...) 
Possibly my fave lipstick of all, its a perfect matte nude that has a vague 60's Bridget Bardot vibe to it which I love. Its a great everyday shade but I also often wear it on nights out when I have a dark smoky eye.
Free as a Butterfly
Another Cinderella lipstick which again is a little too light but works perfectly as a a highlighter in the middle of the lip.

 Flat out Fabulous, Up the Amp, Heroine, Rebel

Flat out Fabulous
Another one of my fave lipsticks, a beautiful bright pinky purple shade, its a retro matte finish which means its really drying but as long as i put lip balm on first theres no issue. This is a great lipstick for a night out to really adds a pop of colour.
Up the Amp
This is a more everyday purple shade and I love it, the finish is amplified so its really vibrant and pigmented on the lips.
I hardly ever wear this lipstick but I need to more as I love it, its a very standard purple shade which is lovely as a daytime or nightime lipstick in the winter.
Another one of my favorouite lipsticks, as you can probably tell from how much I've used it. Its not as dark on the lips as it looks in the bullet, it sheers out to a lovely deep purpley pink which I adore. Again if your looking for a lipstick to help you transition into wearing darker shades this is a great starter shade. 
L-R - Russian Red, Diva, Rebel, Heroine, Up the Amp, Flat out Fabulous, Girl About Town, Relentlessly Red, Chatterbox, Only You, Patisserie, Viva Glam Nicki, Honeylove, Creme Cup, Royal Ball, Free as a Butterfly
I adore the formula of MAC lipsticks and the exhaustive colour range they have, I could spend forever in MAC just swatching at all the lipsticks, its an unhealthy addiction that I don't see ending anytime soon...
The lipstick holder that I use to store my collection in is available on ebay here.
L- R Russian Red, Diva, Flat out Fabulous, Relentlessly Red, Patisserie, Honeylove
These are my favorouite shades from my collection.

What are your fave MAC lipsticks?
Thanks for Reading,
Annabelle X 

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