Festive Sandwich Review

I don't know whether its my over powering love of all things Christmassy or the fact that I just REALLY love sandwiches but for some reason this blog post sounded a good idea, and not just because I got to sample a load of festive sandwiches...
Costa - Turkey Dinner toastie - 3/5
This could have been really something, it was full of so much promise but there was one key flaw in this toastie. Someone went absolutely wild with the cranberry sauce!!!!! Cranberries on the top, an absolute dollop or TEN of cranberry sauce inside, woah there now. Everyone knows that Christmas dinner is a lot about the turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets etc but has anyone ever said ever 'OMG isn't the cranberry sauce the best thing about Christmas dinner' NO. Because they would be a liar and a psychopath. Apart from that a very decent toastie, give it a bash.

Pret-a-Manger - Beef Wellington - 4/5
I love pret, they do amazing sandwiches and this was no exception. Beautifully crusty baguette, tender rare beef and a wonderful mushroom duxelle made this baguette absolutely heavenly. Not quite as festive as the others but still a very good time. I ate this at work hence the weird antlers in the background.

Caffè Nero - Three cheese and Cranberry Chutney - 2/5
This panini let me down, I love cheese, people who don't freak me out, so of course I heard three cheese and thought 'thats going straight in my basket' but it wasn't great. It lacked a depth of flavour and to be perfectly honest a few pieces of well seasoned chicken could have saved this but meh I would avoid.
Starbucks - Christmas Club - 3/5
Meh. This one should have been fabulous, it ticked all the key boxes, I love Christmas dinner, I love Club sandwiches and I love Starbucks but somehow it was a bit flat. The bread was a little too moist and the chutney added an odd vibe, I think perhaps a cranberry chutney would have been preferable to an ale chutney, its christmas after all not a booze up in the local, c'mon.
Starbucks - Turkey Feast Flatbread - 4/5
Okay so this was great, not amazing but great. Flatbread is always a good time, it doesn't get soggy as quickly as your traditional sandwich so its less of a gamble. I don't like playing Russian roulette with sandwiches. There was an option to have this hot but I had it for a train journey cold and it was still great perhaps heated it could've been a 5/5 but I will never know as there are so many festive sandwiches still to sample. Also the stuffing in this one was exceptional, well played Starbs.
Costa - Pigs in Blanket Panini - 5/5
HOLD THE PHONE. This panini was magical, It changed my life for a good 2-3 hours. Bacon, sausage, mayo, cheese and stuffing?!?!? OMG ideal, eating this is like that feeling when you upload a selfie on Instagram and it gets like 100 likes and you feel a little bit better about yourself and all of your pals and you have a bit of a strut in your walk. Go and eat it, go and eat 5 you wont regret it because its the best panini I've had in my entire life and Ive had a fair few paninis. Also you may see the rocket in there and think 'wtf why add salad' but you are WRONG the rocket adds a delightful crunch and slight peppery flavour.

M&S - Lobster Roll - 5/5
Oh sweet lord this was good, the lobster had a wonderful strong flavour and the sauce was beautifully creamy. The roll had a beautiful sweet flavour to it and was gloriously soft an absolute gem from M&S proving that their sandwich game is hella strong.

Tesco - Turkey and Trimmings sandwich - 3/5
Meh, this sandwich was a bit lacklustre. The bread was overly soggy, the filling lacked a depth of flavour and there should really have been some kind of lettuce to give a bit of texture and crunch.

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