Girls day out in Aberdeen

So recently my good friend Sarah and I decided coursework stress and life in general were getting a bit much. As such I decided to plan us a girls day out in Aberdeen to get to know the city better as well as to de-stress and it went pretty well, so I thought I'd share some of the places we visited...

First stop was Cafe Cognito, a lovely quaint cafe on St Swithin street. Filled with an array of handmade sandwiches, beautiful cakes, ice cream and to-die-for hot chocolate. I would highly recommend this cafe especially to anyone who admires all things handmade, the staff are really friendly which adds to the homely feel of the cafe - I cant wait to return!
Photo taken from Cafe Cognito Facebook page.
Next up we headed to The Nail Room Too, which handily was located in the back of Cafe Cognito. Cake, coffee and pampering? sign me up! My gel nails were done by Sam who was lovely and she did an amazing job, she showed me the nail art she does which looked amazing so I've already booked to go back and get some festive nails done! And a gel manicure was only £18 which is an amazing price for the quality I received. 
An example of Sam's Halloween nail art taken from their facebook page.
My nails - excuse my wrinkly old man hands!!
Ceramika Art Studio was next on our itinerary, a pottery studio on Union Grove. I used to love pottery when I was younger and being creative always helps to relax me so I thought it would be a perfect addition to our day. We both opted to paint bowls, Sarah went for a blue design with tiny yellow stars and I went for a watermelon design, we were guided through the whole process expertly by Mel, the owner, and I eagerly await to see the finished designs! An added bonus was that upon telling Mel that we studied Fashion Management she gave us a student discount - which is always welcome!
Penultimately we headed to Eclectic Fizz for some cocktails and desert, duh. I opted for a Champagne cocktail and Creme Brûlée and Sarah went for a Strawberry Daiquiri and Profiteroles all of which were completely stunning, the ambiance of Eclectic fizz was so luxurious that we felt completely pampered and relaxed.
Finally what better way to end a fabulous day than with the aid of a Chinese, a quick stroll down the road from my flat brought us to Silk Road where we got a set meal for two and ate the night away - dreamy.
I must admit one of the nicest parts of this day was experiencing so many local businesses in Aberdeen and seeing the wealth of things to do which are often forgotten about. Its well worth having a wander around wherever you live and discovering new hidden gems, Im usually all about nipping into Starbucks for a Frappachino but why not discover somewhere local and more personal and help to support your local community? Trust me its well worth a shot.

Thanks for Reading,
Let me know of any hidden gems you know of locally.
Annabelle X

Cafe Cognito Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/CafeCognito99/?fref=ts
Ceramika Art Studio website - http://www.ceramika.co.uk/home.php
The Nail Room Too website - http://www.thenailroomtoo.co.uk/default.html
Eclectic Fizz website - http://www.eclecticfizz.co.uk/
Silk Road website - https://take-a-way.co.uk/menu/3634/silk-road-aberdeen/

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