Autumn Interior Inspiration

Since moving to a new flat in Aberdeen for starting my second year at Uni, I've added a few key pieces to my room to update it and make it feel more me. I thought I'd share some of the ways I managed to achieve a more personalised feel to my room...

The best part of my room is the shelving, I LOVE it. They are perfect for housing all my bits and bobs and act as a pretty cute design feature. The light up star from Primark is a really interesting feature, which is both practical and decorative. The perfumes also act as a decoration when displayed on the shelving, as do the Tiffany boxes which add a pop of colour. I've also incorporated a few pictures as they really bring the room to life.

I love this revision planner from Sighh Designs, it really helps me to keep on top of things at Uni as well as looking pretty. My aunt gifted me this beautiful Christian Lacroix desk box which I keep bits and bobs like blue tac and staples in to make my desk less cluttered. The burger phone is a quirky additional touch which acts as a great conversation starter when people come over! The polaroid photos are a welcome addition to my study area and always cheer me up when studying starts to get a tad tedious...

One of the easiest ways to make any room ready for Autumn is a candle, they add such a warm glow to a room and scented ones are perfect for creating a cosy ambiance. Some of my favourites are Pumpkin Pecan Waffle from Bath and Bodyworks and Tartè Tatin from Yankee Candle. I also bought this trio of candles from IKEA as they add a touch of colour and homeliness to my shelving area.


I like to keep changing up the pictures in my room so that i have recent pictures to look at, so putting up some pictures from freshers helped to make my room feel more current, I print them off from my phone at Boots for around 50p each and then find frames from Ikea and Primark relatively cheaply. I also picked up some postcards from Paperchase to inject some extra colour.

Another area of my room which I love, the windows are huge and absolutely flood the room with light which makes the windowsill a focal point for the room and as such I thought it deserved a bit of extra love. I love this copper '&' sign that i got from Primark, its so simple but really gives the area an elegant touch. 

Thanks for Reading!
Annabelle X

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