Uni room decoration tips!

When moving into halls, your faced with a box room with very little personality or style, its very bare and often you aren't allowed certain things such as blue tac or candles, however I thought I would write a post on how to liven up your bare Uni room easily and cheaply. Shops such as IKEA, Tiger and Primark will be your new best friends.

Mirror lights
This was such a simple DIY but it was so cheap and adds a touch of class to the room, I bought some stick on lights from IKEA and arranged them around my mirror to look like the kind of mirror you'd use backstage in a Theatre. The lights are also ideal for doing makeup as they illuminate your face well so you can better see what your doing. The packs of lights were £2 for 3 lights in IKEA and as well as plain white bulbs they had coloured ones.
Fairy Lights
Fairy Lights add light and decoration to your room and also make it more cosy and cute looking, once again fairy lights can be bought for super cheap from Primark, but they look so effective in your room. I would recommend using tape or pins to support them as blue tac is a little bit weak.
Posters are a great way to add personality to your room for very cheap and its so easy, if you cant used blue tac in your Uni room then use Washi tape to stick them up. From posters from your favourite bands or maps, they take up a lot of space as well so very little effort is required! I love this scratch map as its an interesting way to map your travels as you scratch off the countries you've been to but it also looks really cool (in my opinion!).
Cushions and Bedding
Cushions and bedding are another way to jazz up your room and add some colour, Asda and Primark have some lovely prints for duvets and are really inexpensive. Asda, Primark and IKEA also all do very cheap cushions which make your room a little bit more cosy. You can also get personalised cushions like this one I have with my dog on it, which I got made in ASDA as a present from my parents. But you could make a personalised cushion using any photo and getting a plain cushion case and using iron on transfers to make a cheaper version of this personalised cushion.
Bunting looks so adorable in a room and can add a really cute summery vibe, I got mine from Hobbycraft, which is great as they do a 10% student discount, but its very easy to make pretty inexpensively with material or paper.
A super easy but fun way to personalise your room, simply take some photos of you and your friends or whatever you'd like and tape or use mini pegs to attach them to a string, this can be done so cheaply as all you need is string, tape or pegs, and polaroids. A cheap and easy way to get polaroids without a specialised camera is using apps such as Polagram where each individual polaroid costs 39p and a giftbox with 36 polaroid prints costs £12.69, I also have a code from them which will give you £5 off your first order (PG4DXXVL). Alternatively you can use a polaroid camera, such as this one from Amazon to create cute polaroid pictures with your friends instantly.
Washi Tape
I LOVE WASHI TAPE!!! It's such an easy way to add colour and decoration to a room, it can be ordered cheaply online from Ebay and Amazon on bought in Paperchase or Hobbycraft. I use it to stick up posters or fairy lights or to outline light switches, shelves or windowsills to add pops of colour.
Little Extras
These white pots from IKEA are really pretty but also very handy for storing things such as make-up brushes, pens, skincare and toothpaste, and nail polish. Pretty books displayed on a shelf can also look very effective, as do matching coloured storage boxes and file holders. Another thing you could do is stick up various tickets, club pictures or promo leaflets to your wall to create a memory wall of your time during first year. Displaying items such as perfumes and nail polish on shelves can also create a point of interest and look pretty in your room. Flowers or pot plants whether they are real or fake also look really effective and brighten up your room, and can be displayed in the IKEA pots as shown.
Thanks for Reading!
Annabelle x

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