Review: Chroma Stationary

My name is Annabelle Brockwell, and I am a stationary addict. 
Stationary supplier of choice? Chroma Stationary.

Recently I was browsing Instagram whilst bored  (we've all been there) and I stumbled across some beautiful stationary and upon further inspection I realised it was created by Chroma Stationary and even better for my creative self - it was all completely customisable. 

Chroma is a wonderful company started by Gabi who is so, so lovely. An even nicer personal touch is the names of all the notebooks are inspired by people in her life, and I love supporting small businesses especially when they are so well done. There is also a discount on at the moment, with the code 'BCKTSCHL1' you get 20% off your order (expires 06/09/15).

The first notebook I purchased was a 'Meredith Grey' Nebraska book, with 'What would Blair Waldorf do?'.
I love the way it turned out so much, it looks so classy and I'm sure Blair herself would approve - this is guaranteed to make me feel more put together when taking notes in lectures!
The notebooks only cost £8.50 which is amazing valuable for something of such great quality which has been handmade.

Next up I decided to try a customised embossing, with a map of the world with my initials to use for putting any travel plans in. I went for a Rylon notebook in the colour 'Herbie', which was also £8.50.

I cant recommend these notebooks or Chroma stationary enough, Gabi herself is lovely if you have any questions and both notebooks arrived within two days - which is especially great for someone as impatient as myself!

Go on, treat yourself and make an order! If anything it'll brighten up a dull lecture or lesson when you bring it out!
Shop here - http://www.chromastationery.co.uk
Thanks for Reading,
Annabelle X

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  1. These are so cute! I love them!

    Francesca xx