My Favourite Scents

I have an obsession with all things beauty so naturally Im a perfume hoarder... Over the years I've collected and tried more scents than I can remember from Impulse spray cans when I was 13 to being gifted my first Jo Malone cologne when I turned 18, and these are the scents which made the cut...

Jo Malone - Nectarine Blossom & Honey
THIS SCENT IS HEAVEN IN A BOTTLE. I make no joke, my number one favourite perfume of all time, if this blog post inspires you to do one thing then track this perfume down and give it a good old sniff, and I guarantee you will also fall in love. Its a fruity, sweet and summery scent that makes me reminisce summers spent eating freshly picked fruit in the sun, which really helps when in reality your walking about the rainy, windy streets of Aberdeen. 

Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire
A very different scent from any others I own as this has almost a spicy, sensual edge to it. The caption translates to 'The Little Black Dress' which is such a perfect name as it suits any evening event perfectly with its deep musky undertones and hint of fruitiness. The design and packaging of the bottle is stunning as well and makes any dressing table look instantly beautiful.
Marc Jacobs - Daisy
Does anyone not have this perfume? It smells delightful, a light, pretty floral scent which is perfect for everyday wear. The Marc Jacobs perfumes are always beautifully presented, and Daisy is no exception with its beautiful flower embellished lid. 
Jo Malone - Lime Basil & Mandarin
Very different to anything that I'd usually wear, this perfume isn't at all sweet but something a bit more mature. With its zingy lime top notes and peppery basil heart, this perfume is perfect all year round with its highly unique and instantly recognisable scent.
Abercrombie and Fitch - Fierce
So strictly speaking this is a male scent but it just smells to damn good to be excluded from this blog post so its going in... Its a very spicy scent whilst staying fresh (and reminds me of hot men, I mean c'mon the bottle is pure eyecandy) I find this cologne very comforting, and if I smell it on someone I can instantly tell what it is.

What are your favourite scents?
Thanks for reading,
Annabelle X

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