Triangl Bikini Dupe Comparisson

For Christmas last year I was lucky enough to receive a Triangl bikini, which was amazing as I could never have justified spending that much on myself for a bikini! However since receiving it and loving the style and the way it looks on I've continued to lust over the other bikinis on Triangl, despite knowing that I cant afford another...
MILLY bikini in its box.
However I discovered AliExpress a Chinese wholesale website which sells pretty much everything for very low prices, so below I will give a review of both the Triangl Bikini and the AliExpress Triangl dupes and then compare the two.
The Triangl bikini I got was the MILLY - CANDY PINK and I chose size medium on top and bottoms, both fitted well however the top was a little snug in the cups (for reference i'm a 32D and a size 8 on the bottom). The top would be ideal for both smaller and larger boobs as its very supportive but also has a push up fit which makes your boobs look amazing! The material is Neoprene which is a thick material similar to what wetsuits are made from, this means the material doesn't have much stretch which you should bear in mind when ordering. The price in GBP including shipping, shipping only took a week from Australia, works out at £70 which is very expensive for a bikini however this is a very high quality bikini and I would definitely recommend purchasing it as it will last ages due to the quality of materials used (and it looks pretty good to!). One thing I would mention is that the bikini bottoms aren't cheeky they cover the majority of your bum, so if your wanting a cheekier fit these may not be for you.

However if the £70 is just a bit too far out your price range then there are some great replicas out there, i purchased two from different sellers on AliExpress to see how the quality and fit compared.

The first bikini dupe I was very impressed with, I decided to get a dupe of the OLLIE - PENNY WANDERLUST bikini. This suit cost £8.04 including shipping, however it was of a very high quality and was still made from neoprene and had a good, thick finish but not quite as high quality as the Triangl bikini. The bikini was a Medium and it fitted everywhere perfectly which was great. The postage was free however it took just over 4 weeks which was a little annoying and came folded up in a small plastic envelope so there were a few indents in the neoprene bottoms which was a little irritating but not too noticeable. 

The second bikini was a dupe of the LILY - STRAWBERRY KISS bikini and cost me £8.24 including shipping!!! instead of £70. Once again I got a size medium and it fit well however the top was quite tight around my chest, but the zip in the middle allowed it to stretch slightly better. The bikini was also the exact same colour way as the Triangl suit and looked identical. However the quality was nowhere near as high and was made of a thinner Lycra material as opposed to the thick Neoprene which wasn't ideal, the shipping time was three weeks which was okay considering the postage was free (but I'm pretty impatient when it comes to getting parcels!). 
The bikini also didn't come with a box or a bag whereas the Triangl bikini does, but for the price your paying that's not the end of the world! I will wear this bikini however its not the best quality and I cant imagine it lasting much more than one summer as its not the best quality, but you get what you pay for!

Overall I would say the Triangl bikini is a far superior quality and fit however the OLLIE - PENNY WANDERLUST suit was a very adequate dupe if you cant bring yourself to splurge £70 on the real deal. The LILY - STRAWBERRY KISS dupe was okay but not very good quality and a little flimsy. If your looking to purchase from AliExpress make sure you read the reviews of the bikini your looking to purchase as these will tell you a lot about the quality and sizing. 

Thanks for reading!
Annabelle X

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Ali Express Website http://www.aliexpress.com/

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