Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

Ever since my love of make-up began I've been collecting different things from MAC, but by far my favourite product from them is Lipstick. They have such a huge array of colours and finishes which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming so I've decided to share my five favourites...

          Relentlessly Red
Funnily enough my dad chose this one for me but its probably my most beloved lipstick. The colour is extremely vibrant and bold so it can be quite difficult to wear, but I adore how it looks on the lips. The finish of this one is matte which means its long lasting but extremely drying, so I would recommend wearing lip-balm underneath and ensuring you exfoliate your lips before wearing it.

 Velvet Teddy
Possibly the most famous MAC lipstick at the moment, and it took me forever to track it down (eventually I got lucky in Selfridges!). The hype around this lipstick is well deserved as it's so lovely on, its a very nineties dark nude and looks especially amazing when paired with Whirl lipliner from MAC to give you the classic Kylie Jenner pout. The finish is matte on this one so once again I'd recommend putting on lip-balm first, and once again its very long lasting, I ate a whole meal and the lipstick was still there after!

         Flat Out Fabulous
Another close contender for my all time most cherished MAC lippy, this colour is gorgeous! Its a bright purpley pink colour which adds a pop to any look, its my go to lip colour for a night out! I love wearing this with a bright pink lipliner underneath to make the colour even more bold, but its amazing worn alone. Once again the finish is matte (are we spotting a pattern here?!) which is hands down my favourite finish as it lasts forever on the lips.

This is probably my most worn shade, its the perfect everyday nude for me and its just so easy to bung on and rush out the door with! It's also perfect for everyday wear for me as i work in a patisserie so my job and my lipstick match (the name wasn't the only reason I got it, I swear!). The finish is Lustre which isn't quite as long lasting as the others, but its so easy to apply, I don't even need a mirror for application, that its not the end of the world! If your looking for the perfect nude lipstick I'd definitely give this one a go.

     Russian Red 
Hands down my number one red lipstick, this colour suits everyone! I've bought about four in my time to give as gifts to friends and its looked good on all of them and become a firm favourite, every girl needs their perfect red lip! This red is slightly more blue toned which means it makes your teeth look super white which is a huge bonus. I mostly wear Russian Red with MAC Cherry lipliner to ensure the lipstick lasts as long as possible and looks perfectly neat. The finish once again is matte, but if your into a glossier finish I sometimes pair it with Tanya Burr's lipgloss in Vampire Kiss, to give the lips a glossy just bitten look.
So those are my top 5 MAC lipsticks (for now!) as you can probably tell matte is my preferred finish from MAC as it lasts the longest on the lips, and if I'm being honest I'm usually too lazy to keep re-applying lipstick throughout the day! MAC lipsticks currently retail for £15.50 and there are around 106 permanent shades. 

Thanks for reading,
Annabelle x

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